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Leaking Ceilings?  Drywall is NOT the solution!  With PVC Ceiling Technology, our waterproof product withstands moisture so it's perfect for high humidity areas.  AND GUESS WHAT! If you have a ceiling leak, or need to get behind the ceiling, we can remove it, and put it back - saving you a potential mess, and high out of pocket expenses.

No more need for conventional drywall ceilings and the mudding, sanding, and painting mess they produce.  With PVC Ceiling Technology by Protime Group Inc., you can have the option of flat, glossy, printed, monochrome or coloured ceilings, with a no hassle 12 year industry leading warranty.

Estimating your ceiling costs is easy.  Make any room a square or rectangle when measuring (we do circles too, but materials need to be calculated in square type shapes)
Costs are estimated, based on maximum ten foot ceiling heights - higher ceilings and "L" shaped rooms require an in person estimate.
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