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A soft recycled PVC ceiling and wall fabric, serving as a better alternative to drywall and ceiling tiles. Perfect for residential and commercial projects.

Stretch Ceilings


Only 1/3 of the installation time compared to traditional drywall ceilings.

Stretch Ceiling Installation

Drywall Ceiling Installation

Unlimited Design Possibilities

Variety of Colours and Finishes


100% Recyclable

Quick and Clean Installation

15-year Warranty

Adaptable to any surface, form and style. Works with ceilings, walls, 2D and 3D designs. 

Resistant against Water, Chlorine, Steam and Drastic Temperatures. Ideal for Bathrooms, Saunas, Steam Rooms and Garages. PVC is Antimicrobial and Self-deodorizing.

The installation process only takes a few hours, depending on the size of the room. There is little to no disturbance, the process is mess-free, and no furniture removal is necessary.

PVC membranes have a long lifespan of 50 to 70 years. We include a 15-year Manufacturer’s Warranty on all our LAQFOIL® Stretch PVC, Canvas and Translucent Wall Coverings. 

Our rich color palettes are offered in matte, reflective, metallic and translucent finishes. We specialize in full-color custom print for large format walls, ceilings and 30 forms.

LAQFOIL Stretch Ceiling surface is removable, reusable and 100% recyclable. It is also made from 100% recyclable materials.

Integrated Lighting Solution

Fire Rating Certified

Pot lights, Hanging Chandeliers or Fibre optics and vents. We create large format backlit structures expanding the whole width of the ceiling or tiles with multilevel lights.

100% fire and safety certified according to National Building Codes. Class 1 in Canada, USA & Italy I M1 in France & Belgium I B1 in Germany


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